A chimera is a mythical creature comprising three specific animals (Lion's head, Goat's body, Serpent's tail) but also is used to describe the general category of composites.

Over time, chimera came to symbolize the in-between. By definition a chimera is simultaneously both a hybrid and a whole. A chimera is also a cellular mutation (zygote), a border town, an illusion.

For us, that is a useful metaphor for understanding the evolution and changes within ideas, trends, culture.


Welcome. Chimera is an ideas platform from Inner Chapter (China) and Episode (America).

The editorial focus of Chimera is ideas. Where do ideas come from? How do they travel? How do they develop? Who are the vectors of change? How are they adopted, evolved and discarded? 

We are interested in the hyperlocal and the hyperglobal but mainly we are curious about the spaces in-between.

Our thoughts are informed by personal / client commissioned research, innovation and strategy work.
Our ongoing methodologies include critical theory, semiotics, ethnography, foresight, data science, design.

Chimera is very open to experiments, commissions, collaborations and thought partnerships. Please contact the editor (at)

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